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Programs & Curriculum / Kindergarten

Our kindergarten is a full day (9-3) licensed program. We are licensed by the Nevada Department of Education and as such must adhere to the same guidelines as all licensed schools. The curriculum incorporates the Common Core Standards that have been adopted by Nevada.

The class size in kindergarten is capped at twelve, enabling each student to receive maximum individual attention.

“…ideal setting because of small size…the teacher was exactly what each boy needed…”

E.C. mother of 4 All Saints’ students

“In kindergarten it was clear that such a small class size, individual instruction and assignments were part of the daily routine.”

V.F. mother of 2 All Saints’ students

We are partners with the United Way of Southern Nevada and The Urban League

The main goals of our curriculum are to introduce, review and further develop an understanding of the following:

Patterning; sorting; writing numbers; counting to 20 and to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s; graphing; adding to 10; subtracting to 5; shapes; positional words; calendar activities; and money concepts

This includes letters, rhyming words, listening skills and stories. Phonics is the base of instruction along with an enthusiastic attitude toward reading. The children are read to frequently. Students begin sounding out and recognizing words. The transition to reading a book on their own soon follows.

Dinosaurs, butterflies, senses, plants, experiments, seasons and field trips, F.O.S.S. Kits; Trees, Animals Two by Two, Fabric, and Wood & Paper, Science notebooks

Holidays, community helpers, self-concept, family, safety and dental health, Scholastic News and Community Exploration

Painting, drawing, copying shapes, coloring, cutting, working with various materials and recognizing colors

Espanol Para Ti – kid friendly; video, songs, and activity program

Rhythms, singing, marching, gross motor development and coordination

Free time on playground, jumping rope, hopscotch, and organized games