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Programs & Curriculum / Preschool

All Saints Day School Preschool combines elements of High/Scope Early Learning Curriculum, Fun Shine Express, Handwriting without Tears Early Literacy and Zoo-Phonics to provide a developmentally appropriate and exciting curriculum.

Each child’s unique personality and potential is nurtured within a small group setting. Self-care, kindness, generosity, cooperation, art and music, creative movement, and academic readiness are integral parts of our curriculum. Extended daycare is offered to families to accommodate working schedules.


Your child will be guided toward:

  • Separating from mother/father (care provider) without severe stress, learning to adapt to new surroundings, teachers and peers
  • Enjoying school: Look forward to school and learn routines readily
  • Valuing: Show self-pride in body, clothes, work and personal characteristics
  • Growing in confidence: Learning to succeed at tasks, and to participate willingly in most activities, even new ones
  • Using manners and hygiene appropriate to age: Saying please, thank you and excuse me, dressing and undressing self when using the restroom, washing hands after using the restroom and before eating
  • Learning how to express feelings appropriately, especially verbally with other children and adults
  • Seeking out peers for play, group and one-on-one interactions; to reduce dependency on adults; to use teachers and adults as “resource people”
  • Developing language skills: Vocalization, vocabulary (indicating wants and needs), carrying out commands, increasing use of language for expression, sentence structure and usage (appropriate for age), pronunciation (appropriate for age), enjoying good literature, rhymes, songs and finger plays, recognizing letters of the alphabet and own name
  • Developing motor coordination, both large muscle and small (fine) muscle control.
  • Developing music, visual arts, movement, dance and creative drama.
  • Developing problem solving ability; to increase variety of techniques used to cope with stress.
  • Developing peer relationships including waiting for turns, sitting in a group, participating in teacher directed tasks and finishing tasks.
  • Developing fantasy play and imagination; use of dramatic role play such as dress-up, play dough, and blocks. (Separate fantasy from reality.)
  • Developing cognitive skills (pre-academic and conceptual thinking) in all curriculum subject areas.


    Listening and speaking skills, creative dramatics, puppets and flannel figures and finger plays 
    Books, tapes, flannel stories and poetry 
    Cutting with scissors, left to right sequence, eye-hand coordination, ordering and sequencing of events and large and small motor development 
  • MATH
    Counting 1 to 10, one to one relationships, classifying, sorting, ordering, grouping and patterning, recognizing shapes and colors 
    Explore new materials (magnets, magnifying glass), sensory skills, cooking and exploring the world around us 
  • ART
    Paint, textures, colors, cutting, gluing and pasting, and developing creativity 
    Singing, instruments, rhythm records and tapes and developing an appreciation of music 
    Group games, dance, large and small muscle activities, position (over, under, behind, in front of, etc.); also, special units and activities will be presented on all the major holidays